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by posted 05/30/2023

It is time to register your team for the end of season tournament if you have not already done so.  Please get this done this week so that we can get started with scheduling.
The Girls Softball League of Jefferson County "Yearend Tournament" will be played July 7, 8, 9 ending the season.  All levels will be playing this weekend. Games will be held on fields in Jefferson County.  
Tournament fees for each team were included in your 2023
 registration fees.

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Coach Pitch Rules
by posted 04/19/2023


Click Here For Coach Pitch Rules

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by posted 04/19/2023

Hi all,
  Your game schedule is complete and has been made public on the Girls' Softball League of Jefferson County's website -- www.jeffcosoftball.com
  Only requests for reschedules due to unfavorable fields conditions will be honored.  
  Here is the bylaw referring to reschedules:
Section 3.     Postponements
  1. After bracketing and prior to the scheduling process, the head coach (or a designated team representative) will have the opportunity to provide the scheduling committee a list of up to five (5) dates when their team would ask that a game not be scheduled. The scheduling committee shall make every effort to fulfill the request/requests.
  2. After the game schedule has been completed and posted, games will not be postponed except in case of unfavorable field conditions.
  3. Field Closure: If and when an Area Representative or the Rescheduling Committee is aware of a field closure or unfavorable field conditions, they will post the information on the GSLJC website and notify coaches through e-mail of a field cancellation.  Otherwise, a coach or their representative shall follow their respective area’s field condition procedures to determine if a field Is closed.   
  4. If a lighted field has a curfew, such curfew shall be honored. If a legal game has not been completed at the curfew or if a game is suspended because of unfavorable field conditions, the game shall be rescheduled and played from the point of suspension.  Time begins at the point of suspension with lineups as close as possible to original game.  The home team’s scorebook shall be the official record.  
:  Eve Trengove, Scheduling

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Score Reporting Guide
by posted 04/19/2023

As the season begins, this is a riminder regarding score reporting procedures.

Both team's coaches or their team representative shall post the game score onto the GSLJC website within 72 hours. If a score is not input, a loss for that game may be recorded for both teams.

Final game scores reporting guide


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